Element F&P Elba Grill/Bake

SKU: TE126

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Elba F&P Delonghi grill/bake element, 1250/2200 watt, fitted to the following ovens: 

89133-B OR90SCBGX1   89133-A OR90SCBGX1 80467-B OR90SLBGX1 80467-A OR90SLBGX1   C9S0DA013X DEF905E ,  C9S0DA007X DE91GW , C9S0DA005X DE91GW , C9S0DA014X DEF905GW ,    C9S0DA003X L91GW ,  C9S0DA011X DE91GW1 , C9S0DA001X D906GII ,    C9S0DA008X L91GW ,    C9S0DA009X DE906GWF ,  C9S0DA006X DE906GWF ,  C9S0DA002X D906GWF ,    C960DA001X D90G ,    D906GII, L91GW, D90G, DE906GWF, DE906GWF, DE91GW, DE91GWF, D906GWF, DE91GW, L91GW, DEF905G D906GII L91GW D90G DE906GWF DE906GWF DE91GW DE91GW1 D906GWF DE91GW L91GW DEF905GW DFS901, DFS903, ESS903, PX906


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