Element Indesit Miele Fan 2800 Watt

SKU: FE105.2800

Sale price$79.50


Fan oven element for Ariston, Indesit, Miele & Nouveau, triple loop 2800 watt. This element is fitted using two bolts on the flange. Fits the following models and more (use Ctrl+F to find your model):
INDESIT: CP059MD, KP 59 MS.C(X)/G, KP 958 MS.B(X)/O, KP 968I MS (X), KP 968I MS (X), KP958MS.B(X)/D, KP958MS, KP9F91S(X), KP9F92S(X), KP9F96S(X)/AUS, KP9F96SX/EXS, KP9I96(X)

ARISTON: CP058 MT.2 S, CP058 MT.2, CP059 MD (X) AUS S, CP059 MD (X) AUS(T), CP059 MD (X) AUS(T), CP059 MD (X) AUS, CP859 MT (X) AUS S, CP859 MT (X) AUS, CP859 MT (X) AUS, CP859 MT (X) AUS, CP859 MT(X) AUS (T), CP059MD, CP059MDXAUSS, CP0V9M(X)AUS, CP0V9M(X)AUS, CP859MT(X) AUS, CP859MT.2, CP859MTXAUSS, MB 91 (IX) AUS, MB91IXAUSS, MB91IXAUSS, 99 IX AUS
MIELE: H2265-1B H2265-1BP H2265-1E H2265-1EP H2265-1I H2265-1IP H2265B H2265BC H2265BP H2265E H2265EP H2265I H2266-1B H2266-1BP H2266-1E H2266-1EP H2266-1I H2266B H2266BP H2266E H2266EP H2266I H2267-1B H2267-1BP H2267-1E H2267-1EP H2267-1I H2267-1IP H2267B H2267BP H2267E H2267EP H2267I H2268-1B H2268-1BP H2268-1E H2268-1EP H2268B H2268BP H2268E H2268EP H2269-1B H2360E H2361-1E H2361-1EP H2361B H2361BP H2361E H2361EP H2362E H2363B H2363BP H2363E H2363EP H2364-1E H2364E H2365E H2366E H2460B H2461-1E H2461-1EP H2461B H2461E H2462B H2462E H2463B H2463BP H2463E H2463EP H2464-1E H2464E H2561B H2561BP H2566BP H2567B H2567BP H2567E H2601-1B H2601B H2661-1B H2661-1BP H2661B H2661BP H2663B H2663BP H2666B H2666BP H2750BP H2751BP H2752BP H2760B H2760BP H2765BP H2840B H2840BC H2850B H2850BC H2850BP H2860B H2860BC H2860BP H4700E H4710B H4710E H4712B H4712E H4713E H4714E H4719B H4800B H4800E H4810B H4810E H4813E H4814E H4819B H5040B H5040BP H5041B H5041BP H5050B H5051B H5060B H5061B H5081-60BP H5081B H5081BP H5140B H5140BPH5140E H5140EP H5141B H5141BP H5141E H5141EP H5142B H5142E H5143EH5144B H5144BP H5144E H5145BP H5145BPL H5145BPR H5146B H5146E H5147B H5147BPH5147E H5240-60BP H5240-60E H5240B H5240BP H5240E H5240EP H5241B H5241BP H5241E H5241EP H5242B H5242E H5244B H5244BL H5244BRH5245B H5245BL H5245BP H5245BPL H5245BPR H5245BR H5247B H5247BP H5247BPL H5247BPR H5360B H5361B H5361BP H5361E H5361EP H5460-60B H5460B H5460BL H5460BP H5460BR H5461-60BP H5461-60E H5461B H5461BL H5461BP H5461BR H5461E H5461EP H5581BP H5681-60B H5681-60BP H5681B H5681BL H5681BP H5681BPL H5681BPR H5681BR H5688-60BP H5688BP H6100B H6160B H6160BP H6160E H6165BP H6166E H6167B H6167BP H6167E H6167EP H6200B H6200BC H6200BP H6260B H6260BC H6260BP H6260E H6265BP H6266E H6267B H6267BP H6267E H6267EP H6300B H6301BP H6360B H6360BP H6361B H6361BP H6400B H6401B H6401BP H6401BPX H6401BPXC H6460B H6460BP H6461B H6461BC H6461BP H6461BPX H6461BPXC H6560B H6560BP H6600BP H6660B H6660BP H6760BP H6800BP H6800BPX H6800BPXC H6860B H6860BP H6860BPC H6860BPX H6860BPXC H7160BP H7161BP H7162B H7162BP H7163BP H7164B H7164BP H7165BP H7244B H7244BP H7260B H7260BP H7261BP H7262B H7262BP H7264B H7264BC H7264BP H7360B H7364BP H7365BP H7440B H7440BPX H7460B H7460BC H7460BP H7464BP H7464BPC H7464BPX H7464BPXC H7560BP H7565BP H7640BP H7660BP H7660BPC H7840BP H7840BPX H7860BP H7860BPC H7860BPX H7860BPXC

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