Element Westinghouse Ceramic Hob 200mm Used


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***This is a used part, tested and guaranteed 30 days***
1800 watt, 230 volts AC, Ø170mm 200mm full width. Single coil element. Westinghouse, F&P, St George, Blanco, Beko

REPLACES PARTS CODES: 10.58111.003, 10.58111.004, 532701P, 355747P, STR84, 75124, 0122004462, 0122004387, 823328, 162926005

WESTINGHOUSE: PHR28SU, PAK509RC*40, PAK558W*40, PAJ509RC, PHH284U, PAJ521,  PHP222U, PHL222U, PHN668U, ICC6SE1, , EUC5390W, PPN778W 

F&P: SAFFRON, OREGANO, CORRIANDER, 89125-A CE604CW1 89126-A CE604CX1 85465-B OR61S8CEWSW4  85465-A OR61S8CEWSW4  85260-B OR61S8CEWSW3 EL AA 85260-A OR61S8CEWSW3 89187-A OR61S8CEWSW2 80550-A OR61S2CAWSW1  80555-A OR61S8CEWSW1 81951-A HOR61S8CEWSW1 HAI AA 80745-A OR61S8CEWSW2 80519-A RA6103MAWS 80515-A RA6103MEDS 80514-A RA6103MEWS 87896 CE560MX 87774 CE901 599018B CT560, CT655 599113B, CE901, CE901M 599299A CT2802 599054B-CT560

ST GEORGE: Part no. 1195, CC805D, CC600, CC800, CC60, CC802 CC805B, CC805S, CC805W, UEC7, CC902, FEC4, CC605E3T, CC602, CC60-2, CC600, CC605, CC605DS, CC800, CC802, CC802B, CC802S, CC802W, CC805, CC805DS, CC902S, UECCOMBI7
BEKO: HIC64101

Must be fitted by a registered electrician or warranty void

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