Hinge Ilve Oven Door #45


Sale price$50.60


Ilve oven door hinge, new style hinge for the following models:

600SPY, 600STC, 600TC, PL120BMP, PW120BMP, PF120BMP, PN120BMP, PL150FMP, PW150FMP, PF150FMP, PN150FMP, 800LMP, 800WMP 600WPY, 600CPY, 700CMP, 700WMP, 700MP, M90FMP, MT90FMP, M906MP, MT906MP, 900VG, 900LVG, 900TCE3, 900WMP, 900LMP, 900CMP, 948SSXMP, 948SXMP, 948SSTCMP, 948NMP, PL90FMP, PW90FMP, PF90FMP, PN90FMP, PL90FVG, PW90FVG, PF90FVG, PN90FVG, P90IMP, PL906MP, PW906MP, PF906MP, PN906MP, PLE90MP, PWE90MP, PFE90MP, PNE90MP PL90 PW90 PF90 PN90 T-90L-MP T-90W-MP T-90FL-MP T-90FW-MP T-90L-VG T-90W-VG T-90FL-VG T-90FW-VG T-90CW-MP T-90CL-MP T-90CL-VG T-90CW-VG T-906W-MP T-906L-MP T-906N-MP T-906W-VG T-906L-VG 900TMP, 900WMP, 900LMP, 900CMP, 700CMP, 700WMP, 600SSXMP, 600SXP, 600SPY, 600STC, 600SV, 800LMP, 800WMP, 800TMP, 900WMP, P90FNMP, 900LMP, 900CMP, 900NMP, 948SSXMP, 948SSTCMP, 948NMP, JC806MP, JC80MP/L, MJC90MP, JC906MP, M120FMP, MT120FMP, M150FMP, MT150FMP, M90FMP, MT90FMP, M906MP, MT906MP, MTE90MP, ME90MP, MCE90MP, MTI90MP, MI90MP, MCI90MP, P901MP, PL120FMP, PW120FMP, PF120FMP, PN120FMP LE80MP, PWE80MP, PFE80MP, PNE80MP, PL90, PW90, PF90, PN90, PL90FMP, PE90FMP, PN90FMP, PL906MP, PW906MP, PF906MP, PN906MP, T906WMP, T906LMP, T906NMP, T90LMP, T90WMP, T90FLMP, 9FWMP, TD90CWM, T90CLMP , JC80FWMP/I, 864PCMP, PW80MP/01, HNFF906WMP/N, K906WMP/N
Note: Both hinges should be replaced at the same time - if not, the new hinge will quickly wear the older hinge due to the inbalance in tension. No warranty under these conditions

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