Knob Westinghouse Cooktop GHP

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Knob (1) for some Westinghouse & Electrolux cooktops but can be used for a variety of makes and models of ovens and cooktops as the shaft size is standard 6mm. Knob diameter - 37.8mm, Height - 21.5mm, Height including shaft - 23mm, Shaft - 6mm D shape.

GHP16S 943253580 GHP95S 943253586 GHP95S*51 94325358651 GHP765S 943253583 GHP795S 943253587 GHP17S 943253582 GHP775S 943253584 GHP16S, GHP17S, GHP95S,
GHP765S, GHP775S, GHP795S, GHP16S GHP95S GHP95S*51 GHP765S GHP795S GHP17S GHP775S PHP285

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