Lampholder Smeg Oven 25 Watt

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Genuine Smeg lampholder fitted to a huge range of Smeg built-in oven and freestanding range models. Avoid the plastic copies, this is the genuine porcelain replacement. Please check with us if this will fit your model, listed for the following & others:

A1-7, A1BL-7, A1P-9, A2, A2A, A2-6, A3, A3SX, A3A, A3A-5, A3-81, A5-6, A5-81, CS19P-9, CS19ID-5, CS120A-6, C6GMX, C92GMX8, C9GMBA1, CS120A-6,  C9GMBA, C9IMXA1, CS19-7, CS19A-7, C9GMNA1, C9CMXA, C9GMXA1, C92GMX8, C92GMX9, CS19N-7, C9GMB1, C9GMBA, C9GMBA1, C9GMNA1, CS19P-6, CS19P-9, CS19ID-5, CS120A-6, C92IPX8, C92GMX, SA9010X, SUK61CMX5, SUK92MFX5, SUK92MX9, SUK92P9-1

The glass cover is not sold seperately so if your glass is broken this is the only way to buy a replacement. Comprises porcelain lampholder, glass scew-on cover, 25 watt SES oven lamp. A surprisingly important item in your oven - if the cover is missing or broken it allows steam and cooking fumes to escape the oven cavity and damage the electrics

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