Seal Delonghi Oven Door D906GWF

SKU: DS107

Sale price$45.00


Delonghi oven door seal, for 90cm ovens, 5 clip, 1420mm, 3 sided. To suit the following models:

A106G, DGX965, DGW965, DGVX965, D916GWF, D906GWF, L91GW, MSB9640, MGI965/GB, MSI9640, MGB965GB, MQ161X, M91GX, M91MFA/X, PEMX166GHI, PGX166GHI, PGX965, PGW965, PGVX965GHI, PGVB965GHI, PGVR965GHI, PGVA965GHI, PEMX965, PEMW965, PEMA965, TGX965A, YGVX965.


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