Seal F&P Elba Oven Door OR90

SKU: DS105

Sale price$55.63


F&P oven door seal for 90cm ovens, 6 clip, 650 x 360, 6 clips hold the seal to the oven body. To suit the following models:

F&P: 85228-B OR90SCBGFX2, 85228-A OR90SCBGX2, 80623-A OB90S4LEX1, 80808-C OR90SDBGFX2, 80866-B OR90SDBGFX3, 80867-B OR90SDBSIX2, 80808-B OR90SDBGFX2, 80809-B OR90SDBSIX1, 80867-A OR90SDBSIX2, 80866-A OR90SDBGFX3, 80808-A OR90SDBGFX2, 80809-A OR90SDBSIX1, 
Delonghi: DEMW965, DEMX965, FM9A6 ,PEMA 965A, DE91MPS, DMFPS90B


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