Seal Ilve Oven Door Main 90cm

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Ilve oven door seal fits the larger main (left hand) oven on some 90cm ranges with triple glazed doors. 4 sided seal approx 640 x 340mm, 6 clips. Replaces the 3-sided seal where fitted. Use Ctrl-F to find your model or type your model into the search bar.

800LMP, 800WMP, 800TMP, 800WMP/I, 846PCM/I, 864PCML, 900WMP, 900WMP-I, 900LMP, 900CMP, 900NMP, P906WMPA, 948SSXMP, 948SXMP/I, 948SSTCMP, 948NMP, JC806MP, JC80MM, JC80LM, JC80LM/I, JC80LM1, JC80-6W3P/I, JC90MP, JC906MP, M90FMP, MT90FMP, M906MP, MT906MP, MTE90MP, ME90MP, MCE90MP, MTI90MP, MI90MP, MCI90MP, P90CCMP, P90WMP, P90FWMPI, P90FWMP-I, P90MP-1, P90LMP, PL90, PW80, PW90, PF90, PN90, PL90FMP, PE90FMP, PN90FMP, PLE80MP, PWE80MP, PFE80MP, PNE80MP, PL906MP, PW90FMO, PW906MP, PF90FMP, PF906MP, PN906MP, T90WMP/S, T906WMP, T906LMP, T906NMP. PD90MP/I,

Main Ovens for the following: M120FMP, MT120FMP, M950FMP, MT150FMP, PL120FMP, PF120FMP, PW120FMP, PN120FMP and many more

Also fits Whirlpool AKG659 series ovens

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