Terminal Block F&P Oven 3T

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Mains terminal block, the connection between the fixed wiring and the appliance for some models of F&P and Delonghi ovens & cooktops. These usually burn out due to poorly tightened connectors within the block, its important to have these fitted by a qualified electrician. Designed to be connected with circular flexible cable.
F&P: 85317-A CE302CB2 85232-A CE302CB2 80659-A CE302CB1 89130-A CE302CPX1 80994-A OR60SCGFX3 85226-A OB60S3LCX2 85225-A OB60SLMFLX2 85224-A OB60SLMFRX2 85222-A OB90S4LEX3 85118-A OB60S4CRW1 85117-A OB60S4CRX1 85116-A OB60S7CEW1 85115-A OB60S7CEX1 85112-A OB90S4LEX2 80623-A OB90S4LEX1 85035-A OB60S3LCX1 85041-A OB60SCCX1 85043-A OB60SCM2 85042-A OB60SCMW2 85034-A OB60SLMFLX1 85033-A OB60SLMFRX1 89163-A OB60SCCX1 89165-A OB60SCM2 89164-A OB60SCMW2 89106-A  81051-A HWO60S4MEW1 81049-A HWO60S4MEX1 81050-A HWO60S4MMW1 81048-A HWO60S4MMX1 80626-A_OB60SLMFX2_FP_ 81547-A OB60SCEX4 FP 81548-A OB60SLMFX4 FP 80704-B OB60S9DEPM1 FP 80820-C OB60S9DEPX2 FP 80819-B OB60S9DEX2 FP 80817-B OB60SCEW4 FP 80818-B OB60SCEX4 FP 80812-B OB60SVMX4 FP 80967-B OB60SVMX5 FP 80704-A_OB60S9DEPM1_FP_ 80968-A OB60SLEX1 FP 80967-A OB60SVMX5 FP 80810-B OB60SLCX3 FP 80788-B OB60S9DECPX1 FP 80820-B OB60S9DEPX2 FP 80820-A OB60S9DEPX2 FP 80819-A OB60S9DEX2 FP 80818-A OB60SCEX4 FP 80816-A OB60NDEX2 FP 80817-A OB60SCEW4 FP 80815-A OB60SCMX4 FP 80813-A OB60NLMX2 FP 80814-A OB60SCMW4 FP 80810-A OB60SLCX3 FP 80811-A OB60SLMFX4 FP 80812-A OB60SVMX4 FP 80788-A OB60S9DECPX1 FP 80650-A OB60NDEX1 FP GB 80705-A OB60S9DEPX1 FP 80707-A OB60S9DEX1 FP 80729-A OB60SCEX3 FP 80727-A OB60SCMX3 FP 80706-A OB60S9DEM1 FP 80728-A OB60SCEW3 FP 80726-A OB60SCMW3 FP 80741-A OB60SVMX3 FP 80740-A OB60SLMFX3 FP 80630-A OB60SCEW2 FP 80631-A OB60SCEX2 FP 80629-A OB60SCMX2 FP 80636-A OB60SDEPX2 FP 80632-A OB60SDEX2 FP 80625-A 0B60SLCX2 FP 80635-A OB60SDTM2 FP 80634-A OB60SDTX2 FP 80649-A OB60NCEX1 FP 80647-A OB60NLMW1 FP 80648-A OB60NLMX1 FP 80628-A OB60SCMW2 FP 80637-A OB60SDEPM2 FP 80627-A OB60SVMX2 FP 81346-A CE302CBX2 FP 81664-A CG604CLPX2 FP 81464-A CG604CNGX2 FP 81663-A CG905CLPX2 FP 81465-A CG905CNGX2 FP 81257-A CG604CLPX2 FP 81167-A CG604CNGX2 FP 81256-A CG905CLPX2 FP 81164-A CG905CNGX2 FP 81118-A CE302CBX2 FP 80941-A CE302CB2 FP 80935-A CG604CWCX1 FP 80936-A CG604DWFCX1 FP 80934-A CG604LCX1 FP 80937-A CG905DWFCX1 FP 80655-B CE302CBX1 FP 80670-A CG905DWFCM1 FP 80667-A CG604DWFCX1 FP 80669-A CG905DWFCX1 FP 80666-A CG604CWCX1 FP 80665-A CG604LCX1 FP 80655-A CE302CBX1 FP 80454-A CE302CPW1 FP 80453-A CE302CPX1 FP  


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