Wiser Connected Micro Switch Module 10 Amp


Sale price$159.95


The Wiser Micro Module Switch is ideal for controlling lighting or other commonly used loads. It works with the Wiser App and can be controlled by Bluetooth or connected to the Wiser Hub via Zigbee enabling the full range of Wiser benefits including Voice control, Remote Access as well as Moments and scheduling features. The module can be mounted behind a switch plate or in a suitable enlcosure and can be connected to multiple push-button switches to achieve Multiway-switching. Note - This product must be installed by a licenced electrician.

  • Dimmable/non dimmable LED lighting: 200 watts
  • Incandescent lamps: 2200 watts
  • Electronic transformer: 1050vA
  • AC Halogen 2000 watts
  • Linear fluorescent ballast: 100 watts
  • Capacitive loads: 10 amps
  • Resistive (elements) 10 amps, 2400 watts
  • Motor: 1000vA
  • Can be operated by up to 10 remote pushbutton stations
  • Operation via pushbutton or Wiser app

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